Taco Tuesday: Join us at Gringo's Taqueria in McAlester from 6:30pm-8pm for an evening of food and fellowship!

Salt & Light Women's Running Group: meets from 5:15am-6am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at Eufaula Cove. Enjoy a 2 mile walk/run and come together for a time of prayer. Contact Brandy Chiles at bchiles42@gmail.com or 918-360-9963 for more information!

Home-Ec Group: If you enjoy cooking, sewing, baking, canning, candy making, or anything of the sorts, you'll love our Home-Ec group! They meet periodically throughout the year, so make sure to check out our calendar for dates, times, and activities. You can also contact Junie McKinney at juniemckinney@gmail.com

Hospitality Group: Do you enjoy connecting with people? Sending birthday cards, thank you notes, or maybe just dropping a 'just thinking of you' note to someone? If so, our Hospitality Group is perfect for you! The group meets every Tuesday at High Street Coffee for a time of fellowship and reaching out to others. This group is come and go from 11am - 1pm. Contact Kayla Burris at christian_anderson22@yahoo.com for more information!